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The Virgin Islands Department of Education’s Office of Public Relations and Communications exists to heighten the public’s awareness of the Department’s mission to ensure that all students are prepared for college or the career of their choice upon graduation from high school.

In support of the mission, the Public Relations Office provides publicity for events, activities and the many successes of the Department’s schools, students, teachers, employees and leadership through internal and external communication.

The Office of Public Relations and Communication, through an integrated marketing communications approach services the marketing, branding, public, and media relations, advertising and graphic design needs of the Department, districts, and schools.

The Public Relations Office reports directly to the Commissioner of Education.


Dionne Wells-Hedrington Sworn In as Education Commissioner

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS — Dr. Dionne Wells-Hedrington was officially sworn in on Wednesday, February 15,  as the Education Department’s commissioner at a ceremony held at the Battery on St. John.


Video of the swearing-in ceremony can be found at


During her remarks, Commissioner Wells-Hedrington shared her plans for the department, highlighting her intention to collaborate across public and private entities for resources and programs that benefit students.


“This is not a job that I take lightly nor one that I can do alone,” she said. “I don’t have all the answers, but what I do have is a passion and a desire to transform this department and to ensure that every single student that enters our school system leaves our doors ready for college, military, or the workforce. We are creating a pipeline for success for every student.”


“I am looking forward to the collaboration that VIDE will have with the Board of Education, the Legislature, as well as the parents and community stakeholders,” she added.


During his remarks welcoming the Commissioner into his Cabinet, Governor Albert Bryan Jr. spoke about the passion she brings to the job.


“With Dionne, it is like, she is so passionate she would do the job for free,” the Governor said. “She is about, and I try to get all my Cabinet members remember, it’s not about running the Department of Education. You‘re about producing great Virgin Islands children. And what a gift to be able to influence 8,000 souls right now.


“Over the next four years, she will manage over $800 million. Next to the Government of the Virgin Islands, she has the most employees in the Territory. You didn’t see her stutter when the judge asked her, ‘Without mental reservations,’” Governor Bryan said. “The difference between a fool and brave person is, a fool doesn’t know the danger. A brave person moves despite the danger, acknowledging what that danger is. I think that’s one thing about her. She is a brave person. Dionne ain’t afraid of nothing. She has a boldness of spirit.”


The Governor also praised Commissioner Wells-Hedrington for her emotional intelligence.


“A lot of people in leadership positions don’t have that, because to lead, sometimes you have to follow. And to lead, you have to do a lot of listening,” Governor Bryan said. “We are honored to have you, Dr. Wells-Hedrington, to have you as our Commissioner of Education.”


Commissioner Wells-Hedrington, who has worked in education for 30 years, said her decades-long experience has given her first-hand knowledge of the department’s needs.


“As a former teacher and principal, I know the change we desire can only come if we support teaching and learning in our schools,” she said. “Working at the district level has shown me the importance of being well-rounded and being involved to ensure that our end-users, our students, benefit from what we do. Being on the Operations side has opened my eyes to the conditions of our schools, which require extensive funding to transform our learning spaces so that they are conducive to twenty-first century learning.”


She added, “I publicly make a commitment to continue to advocate for every dime I can get from our federal partners to improve the infrastructure of this territory—our children deserve it.”


Prior to being named commissioner, Commissioner Wells-Hedrington was the Department of Education’s chief operations officer, overseeing the development and rollout of the Educational Facility Master Plan and Industry Standards, a first in the territory. The detailed documents will guide the new construction and modernization of the territory’s public schools for years to come.


During her six-year superintendency, Dr. Wells-Hedrington instituted a professional development model that supported teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and aspiring administrators. From the resulting Aspiring Assistant Principal Academy, six participants have been placed in assistant principal positions.


Dr. Wells-Hedrington has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, a Master’s degree in Education Supervision and Instruction, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She has three children, and five grandchildren, is active in her local church and is the leader of a women’s empowerment group.


The Bryan-Roach Administration is investing in the Territory’s people, infrastructure and future through transparency, stabilizing the economy, restoring trust in the government and ensuring that recovery projects are completed as quickly as possible. Visit



Download press release here:  pdf Dionne Wells-Hedrington Sworn In as Education Commissioner (282 KB)

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Territory-wide Principals’ Meetings Lay Groundwork for Department’s Transformation

ST. THOMAS, USVI – Virgin Islands Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Dionne Wells-Hedrington recently hosted a four-day listening tour dubbed, “State of the Union,” to meet with principals of the Department’s 24 schools in a collaborative effort to drive student success. 

The in-person meetings, held Jan. 24-27, were the first of their kind in the Department’s recent history, allowing principals to openly share on topics, such as student test scores, enrollment numbers, graduation rates, school safety, technology and maintenance needs, student mental health and wellness, staffing needs and morale, parental involvement, and more. As part of the presentations, each principal outlined plans they intend to implement to address their school’s needs.  

“I want you to set aside the titles of everyone in this room and be completely transparent in your presentations,” Wells-Hedrington told the school leaders at the start of their presentations. Joining her for the sessions were Department state and district leaders, Board of Education officials, Government House representatives, members of the 35th Legislature, and an education consultant. 

Wells-Hedrington said the meetings were a priority for her to hear firsthand the needs of the schools, provide support, and to hold school leaders accountable for producing the desired outcomes for students. Each school has received a budget of $250,000 and will be provided with an annual budget through the Consolidated Grant Application. She said the funding is designated for the implementation of plans to improve student scores and overall learning. 

“We are placing the responsibility of teaching and learning back into the hands of the schools,” she said. “Each school has received adequate funding that should be used to implement plans that will benefit students. This is an important part of the Department’s transformation into an institution that truly serves students.” 

Principal Barbara McGregor of Juanita Gardine PreK-8 School, expressed her gratitude to Wells-Hedrington for the one-on-one gatherings. 

“I have been in Education for more than 30 years and this is the first time we have had an opportunity to do something like this,” she said. “Thank you for making yourself available to us.” 

Wells-Hedrington will convene a second round of meetings in May to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans put into effect at the schools.  


Download press release here:  pdf Territory-wide Principals’ Meetings Lay Groundwork for Department’s Transformation (154 KB)

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ViVid Streaming Partnerships to Enhance Educational, Life Experiences for Students

ST. CROIX, USVI – Internet radio platform ViVid Streaming has partnered with the Virgin Islands Department of Education for two dynamic opportunities to enhance educational and life experiences for students: the relaunch of the territory-wide Higher Level High School Radio Show, which will kick-off on St. Croix at 3 p.m., on Sat., Jan. 21, and the new season of Swagg Call, a motivational weekday segment, returning at 7:20 a.m. on Mon., Jan. 30, geared toward boosting school pride, and giving teachers and students a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Disney World. 

Higher Level High School Radio Show 

The two-hour student-led radio program will run year-round from 3-5 p.m. on Saturdays and will alternate between St. Croix and St. Thomas each week. The show will be scripted, hosted, and produced by high school students enrolled in the territory’s public and private schools, under the guidance of 20-year local broadcasting vet, Rashidi Clenance, founder of ViVid Streaming and host of its popular Madd House Morning Show. Clenance said the student-led program is designed to “expose Virgin Islands’ students to career opportunities in the exciting world of radio broadcasting.” 

As part of the training, students will learn how to operate studio equipment, script writing, interviewing techniques, and the core elements of being a radio personality, Clenance explained. Visual elements will also be incorporated into the program.  

“Students will enjoy a host of experiences that will enhance their social and interpersonal skills,” he said. “ViVid Streaming and the VIDE are committed to providing impactful learning opportunities for students that will benefit them and our islands.” 

Students in the St. Croix District will meet at the ViVid Streaming studio, located at 5 Fisher St., just off the Christiansted Bypass; and students in the St. Thomas-St. John District will meet at the station’s 22 Elizabeth studio, just past Sibs on the Mountain.  

Swagg Call  

The popular Swagg Call segment begins each weekday morning at 7:20 a.m. and invites students and teachers to call The Madd House Morning Show and ‘big up’ their school and favorite teacher. This allows the caller and nominated teacher to enter a drawing to win an all-expense paid trip to Disney World. Clenance said the initiative is designed to be “a motivator to start the day, as well as a tool to build school pride.” 

Student and teacher listeners can make a Swagg Call by dialing (340) 690-VIVI. 

Education Commissioner Dr. Dionne Wells-Hedrington praised the partnership as one that will benefit students’ educational experiences and outcomes. 

“Wonderful partnerships such as these are what the Department needs to further enhance the educational experiences and positive outcomes for our students,” Wells-Hedrington said. “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Rashidi and ViVid Streaming, who has been a longstanding partner and generous supporter of Education.” 

Both programs can be accessed on the free ViVid Streaming app, available in the App and Play stores. 


Businesses and residents who wish to partner with the Department may contact Monique Creque, Dir. of Partner Relations, at (340) 774-0100 ext. 8062 or send email to 




Download press release here:  pdf ViVid Streaming Partnerships to Enhance Educational, Life Experiences for Students (183 KB)

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