Assistant Director of Human Resources

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This technical position requires someone with a clear and demonstrable knowledge of the major elements of Human Resources Management.  The Assistant Human Resource Director should have HR generalist knowledge,  and  be  versed  in  the  areas  of  benefits,  workforce  planning,  recruitment  and  staffing strategies, wage and salary administration, associate and labor relations, and local diversity initiatives. Workforce training and development is a key role of the Assistant Human Resources Director. This highly visible role assists in short and long term planning of the HR function and is heavily involved in executing the HR initiatives. This employee reports to the Director.


  • Supervises the district office;
  • Assists in the preparation of reports;
  • Assists with conflict resolutions and provides recommendations;
  • Coordinates orientation projects for new employees;
  • Provides confidential support;
  • Assists with district and territorial certification of teachers;
  • Provides leadership in the absence of the Director or on behalf of the Director as requested;
  • Confers regularly with subordinate staff to review developments, problems, and plans of action;
  • Advise and guide administrators and other supervisors in handling job performance concerns or in carrying out investigations of alleged employee misconduct;
  • Confers with and assist legal counsel when necessary to assure appropriate and consistent decisions regarding employee disciplinary action;
  • Attends Human Resources conferences;
  • Supervises staff training and development;
  • Makes recommendations to the Director for the adoption of additional laws, regulations or amendments to the existing laws and regulations;
  • On a District or Territorial level, develops and administers various programs of environmental services, including the preparation of plans, budgets, and reports;
  • Directs the day-to-day activities of the District in which he/she is assigned;
  • Provide the administrative direction and serves as Assistant Director of the environmental
  • Perform related duties as assigned


  • Considerable knowledge of employee benefits, workforce planning, recruitment and staffing strategies, wage and salary administration, labor relations and local diversity initiatives;
  • Considerable knowledge of the process as it relates to the implementation HR Division’s programs, goals and objectives;
  • Ability to locate resources to achieve the Human Resources mission;
  • Ability to discern confidential and public information;
  • Ability to instruct and impart knowledge;

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“No person shall be discriminated against in employment or in any other educational program or activity offered by the Virgin Islands Department of Education on account of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, handicap, or age.”


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