Message from the Commissioner of Education SHARON ANN MCCOLLUM, PH.D.


Welcome to the Virgin Islands Department of Education, where we are committed to preparing our students for success in college or the career of their choice upon graduation from high school. To do this, the Virgin Islands have adopted new, higher academic standards that require students to focus on critical thinking, problem solving and analytical writing. This approach is proven to be the right way forward as we seek to ensure our young people will be successful in the 21st Century. As a Department, we have identified three main priorities through which we filter everything we do: student achievement, organizational culture, and teacher/leader effectiveness. These objectives serve as guideposts to help us remain focused and ensure we are delivering the quality education students deserve.

I invite you to partner with us as we endeavor to transform the Virgin Islands public education system. This can only be done through teamwork. The proper education of our students requires all hands on deck because when our students succeed, we all succeed. I am committed to serving the Territory's children, and supporting our educators and administrators on this wonderful journey. Please join us.