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DOE Executives and FLICC Present Strategic Performance Plan At Government House

On September 8, Governor Kenneth E. Mapp hosted Commissioner Sharon McCollum, Ph.D., members of the Education leadership team and representatives from Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center (FLICC) at Government House to receive an update on the Department of Education's new strategic performance plan designed to help the Department move forward.

The Education team gave a presentation on the importance of strategic performance, stating that, "It provides us with a clear, tangible document that we can effectively communicate to our stakeholders the direction and commitment of the Virgin Islands Department of Education and the trusted charge we have been given," explained DOE Chief of Staff Anthony Thomas.

Commissioner McCollum noted that when she first came on board as Commissioner in January 2015, it was clear to her that the Department would need to have its strategic plan revamped. Since that time, FLICC has played an instrumental role in supporting the Department's efforts in doing so.

"Strategic performance is really a journey, it's not just a product," Dr. Allison Layland of FLICC said.  "We begin by developing a direction. Having the Department of Education along with the two school districts forging some really powerful  vision, mission, values, goals and strategies...strategies that are really going to push the system forward."

Dr. Layland pointed out that while strategic planning historically would end after these points are identified, this time, she and her team took it further. 

"We engaged the Department in really analyzing their functions and saying, 'what is the structure of the organization and what are the functions needed in order for the goals and the strategies to be carried out'," she said. "We've had serious conversations about that. You cannot achieve your goals if you don't have a structure and people doing the functions in order to support them."

The final step, Dr. Layland said,  "is taking a look at collaboration and coordination, and making sure that everyone is on board and there is much more effective collaboration."

The presentation made clear that all of the planning is with one goal in mind--the achievement of Virgin Islands students.

At the end of the presentation, Governor Mapp, who Commissioner McCollum has named 'The Education Governor,' gave his blessing to the work being done. "We're going in the right direction; there's no question about that." He further requested that additional ways be explored to engage parents in the educational process of their children.


FZ4A8476.jpgCommissioner McCollum shares details of DOE's Strategic Performance Plan at a meeting with Governor Mapp on September 8, 2016. 


FZ4A8465.jpgRepresentatives of FLICC at meeting at Government House on September 8, 2016.  



St. Thomas-St. John Insular Superintendent Dionne Wells-Hedrington attends meeting about DOE's Strategic Performance Plan at Government House on September 8, 2016.


Chief of Staff Anthony Thomas gives presentation on DOE's Strategic Performance Plan at meeting at Government House on September 8, 2016.





Dr. Alice Lindsey of FLICC presents on DOE's Strategic Performance at meeting at Government House on September 8, 2016. 


FZ4A8585.jpgGovernor Mapp hosts Education executives and representatives of FLICC at  Government House on September 8, 2016.

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